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Natural Belly Balm Recipe

The Natural Mompreneur

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This natural belly balm recipe has been a HUGE success with other mommies that are keeping their pregnancy (and skin care) chemical-free. I developed one blend for each trimester with essential oils that have been verified as safe for each stage of pregnancy.

Depending on how much it is used and where (I used it on my tattoos and other stretching areas of my body with both of my pregnancies), your customers could go through about 2 tubes per trimester. That means if a preggo gets her hands on this during her first trimester, it is highly likely that she will purchase FIVE MORE throughout her pregnancy.

A FANTASTIC product to build customer loyalty!

>>>This recipe includes —>

  • Organic Belly Balm Base Recipe
  • 3 blends (1 for each trimester), scented naturally with essential oils
  • Direct links to the supplies & ingredients you need to create this recipe
  • Access to our private Mompreneur’s Mastermind

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